Discussion: Some Of My Favorite Booktubers

While I only blog for now, I’ve been watching booktubers for a long time and toyed with the idea of making my own channel. Over the years I’ve found some booktubers that I absolutely love whose videos I pretty much auto-watch. Now, these are nowhere near all of the channels I watch (there are tons more) but these are some of my favorites.

Booksandlala: I watch Lala’s videos for noise sometimes, to the point where my boyfriend asks if it’s a new or old video. I love her humor and sass, and the matter of fact approach she has to books and her content. She comes up with some of the most creative ideas and I love following her on her journeys when she does them.

Chelseadolling Reads: Chelsea is one of the many who I’d love to be friends with in real life. Her vlogs are amazing, especially her new series where she reads the rainbow. In her videos we also often get cameos from her boyfriend Aldo and their cats Dot and Booger.

Pages and Pens: Julie is a writer herself so her reviews of books are thoughtful and delve deeper. She’s also super fun and great to follow if you’re looking for someone who reads a broad spectrum of books and is very passionate about her favorites.

Aprilius Maximus: April is another one I’d love to be friends with (let’s face it, I’d love to be friends with all of them) but I also feel like she’s a kindred spirit in a lot of ways. She is very open about her anxiety and is a Caucasian in a relationship with a Korean, which is similar to my relationship, so in those ways we are twinzies. Her weekly reading vlogs include a lot of her real life as well as her pets and are amazing.

Who do you like to watch? Do you have some different favorites?

Happy watching!