October TBR and Reading Plans

Hey everyone! Somehow we are at the end of September, I swear the month just started! This is probably going to be a brief post, but I’m excited to get to spooky reads in October. I’m also always trying to play catch up lol as 2020-2021 have really messed with me. Onto the card picks!

  • King – Rich’s Stack of Five
  • Six of Hearts – Random Kindle
  • Seven of Clubs – Asian Author
  • Queen – Calypso Pick
  • Five of Spades – SciFi
  • Five of Diamonds – YA

So far I haven’t picked one for random kindle, I figure it will be a mood read. For Rich’s Stack of Five I went with Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Tales of the Slayer. I have a huge stack of books by Asian authors, so that’s why that is specifically a prompt, for that one I picked Iron Widow.

For the Calypso pick we once again gave her three choices and she ended up going with The Lost Village, though it was close for a bit there.

Choosing a SciFi was a little hard since I don’t have a ton, but I picked The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. Finally I chose All These Bodies as my YA pick since I received a finished copy from the publisher and want to read it ASAP.

Other than that I’m hoping I pick up a ton of spooky books and as always work on narrowing my pile of TBR picks and review copies. Someday we will get out of this Pandora’s Box situation and things will get better.

Happy reading!

September TBR & Reading Plans

Hey everyone! I feel like each month goes faster and faster. I don’t know if it is because of the times we are in or just another aspect of getting older – but here we are selecting cards for next month! Rich and I went through and changed a few of the prompts, we gave the board a little sprucing up you could say.

Here are what the cards decreed:

  • 8 of Hearts – Random Letter Author
  • Queen – Calypso Pick
  • 7 of Diamonds – Rich Pick
  • 8 of Diamonds – Non-Fiction
  • Jack – Under 300 Pages
  • 9 of Clubs – Love in Color

I’m going to keep this brief but some of the picks were pretty hilarious, especially the random letter for the author name. My first three picks were duds (I, Z and X) but we finally got G, which led to Not That Bad by Roxane Gay.

Then Calypso pick came up and thankfully Calypso was feeling like cooperating. I gave her three options, but what she settled on was Haunted New Orleans.

And then we got Rich Pick! Apparently the cards were having fun with me. Rich ended up picking Written in Red by Anne Bishop which wasn’t a huge surprise since he bought it for me.

The next couple I selected pretty easily with my non-fiction being Nevermore by Troy Taylor and the under 300 pages book being Horribly Mutilated by the same author.

Finally anthologies came up and for this one I selected one I got from Book of the Month recently – Love In Color.

Here’s hoping I can get them all of them plus churn through more of past picks. We shall see!

Happy reading!

August TBR & Reading Plans

Hello everyone! Time to talk about what I plan to read in August. I may be taking on more than I can handle, but I not only did my card draws but also am going to do the Trope-ical readathon!

For my cards I drew the following:

  • 3 of Diamonds – Wheel #3: The Proposal
  • 6 of Diamonds – Horror/Thriller: Home Before Dark
  • 5 of Diamonds – YA: My Best Friend’s Exorcism
  • Jack of Spades – Under 300 Pages: Kamisama Kiss #18
  • 5 of Hearts – BotM: The Guest List
  • 6 of Hearts – Random Kindle: The Folcroft Ghosts

For the Trope-ical Readathon I tried to have as much crossover as possible with these picks as well as previous card picks. I’ve made a graphic to show my TBR for this readathon. If you want more information on it make sure to check it out on JenJenReview’s Blog post.

Who knows what I will be able to complete, we’ll just have to see. For the most part I just want to have some fun! Are any of these books on your TBR?

Happy reading!

July TBR | Reading Plans

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again – I’ve drawn my cards for the books from my ‘backlist’ that I want to read in July. I won’t lie, so far June has been very slumpy. I’ve read two of the six books I pulled last month and while I’ve made progress on previous month’s picks, I’m still kind of grumpy with myself. So let’s just ignore that and go on to the July picks!

Introducing the new cat cards that I picked up! I of course still love my gem cards that I got from work, but I had to get these and immediately wanted to use them for these picks.

The cards were not very kind to me this month, we saw our first ace and I wanted to cry since that meant I had to read a book over 500 pages!

  • Ten of Clubs – Ghost Stories – Ghosts of Salem
  • Five of Diamonds – YA – Summer of Salt
  • Ace of Diamonds – Over 500 Pages – Days of Blood and Starlight
  • Four of Clubs – Mystery – The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter
  • Eight of Spades – In Progress (meaning something I have started but put down) – A Dash of Trouble
  • Kind of Clubs – Rich’s Stack of Five – Goblin

I had Rich pick a couple books to add to the stack of five because a couple had been removed. There will be some tweaking of the board next month as I removed a couple prompts that didn’t really fit my selection of books.

So there we have it, I’m really hoping I will be able to knock a good amount of these out as well as some of the previous ones. I recently got a number of audiobooks for the previous picks and am trying to get back into listening to them. Working from home I have found that I don’t listen to audiobooks as much as I do at the office (at the office I could easily knock out a couple books a day) because I have other options of things to listen to at home. Fingers crossed I fall back into them!

Have you read any of these? Happy reading!

June TBR | Reading Plans

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again where I drew the cards to see what I would be pulling to read from my physical TBR. So far I managed to make progress on some previous books that were picked and read three of the books I had selected for May. May was a little bit of a make up month for me so I was happy with what I completed. I would have liked to read more obviously, but will pick them up as I’m keeping them pulled until I read them. Now onto what’s coming for June!

This month the cards I drew were as follows:

  • Three of Diamonds – Wheel
  • Four of Hearts – Contemporary
  • Five of Clubs – Wildcard
  • Three of Hearts – Paranormal Romance
  • Ten of Diamonds – BotM
  • Jack of Spades – Under 300 Pages

So, you may have noticed that Wheel is a new prompt! I switched out a few prompts that didn’t really fit with what I had on my TBR. For Wheel I created a number of wheels with different themes in an app, so when this came up I did a random number generator to pick the wheel (which ended up being the middle grade wheel) and it selected The Girl and the Ghost.

For Contemporary I decided to do something fun and picked K-Pop Confidential and since Wildcard allows me to choose whatever I want I picked up Bridge of Souls since I’ve wanted to read it since I got it.

When it came to Paranormal Romance I knew I was going to pick the next book in the Krewe of Hunters series since I am way behind on that series, so that will be Dying Breath. I have a number of books from BotM that I need to get read so this one took me a while to choose, but I finally picked Piranesi.

Finally I was really happy to pull a Jack since that meant something under 300 pages, so I grabbed Kamisama Kiss #17 since I really need to finish that manga series and already have all of the ones I haven’t read.

So those are the books that were picked for June! I have confidence that I should be able to get through them, but who knows?

What is everyone else reading in June?

Happy reading!

May TBR and Reading Plans

Hey everyone! It’s time to see what the cards picked for me this month. I only read two of my picks from last month sadly (April was a far different month than I thought it would be) but as always I’m carrying over what I didn’t read. I have a stack of the books still waiting from these picks, so I’m going to get to them.

  • Jack of Diamonds – under 300 pages
  • Four of Clubs – Mystery
  • Six of Hearts – Random Kindle
  • Two of Hearts – Fantasy
  • King – Stack of Five
  • Nine of Hearts – YA

For under 300 pages I selected a book I picked up non long ago but something that I was very excited for, Ghosthunting Oregon. I’m a sucker for history/ghost stories and this was an impulse buy in my local Barnes and Noble.

For Mystery I selected The Lost Apothecary, as I’m also really trying to get to my BotM picks since I have a ton of them left unread at this point. My random kindle pick was Lightfall, which spoiler alert if you saw my post yesterday – I have already finished! For fantasy I selected the first Starfell book since I do want to try and read a lot of middle grades in May, but also because I have wanted to get to this one ever since I picked it up.

Rich had just picked another book to go on the Stack of Five choices, which was Vampires Never Get Old, so I was glad to select that one. Finally for my YA pick I selected The Perfect Escape.

Rich and I made a few changes to the board this month, we switched out a few prompts that I didn’t really want on there anymore, so I’m excited for the new options to come up in the future.

So that’s what the cards determined for me this month! Hopefully I can get to these as well as some from previous months so that the stack can get smaller.

Happy reading!

April TBR | Reading Plans

Well everyone, here we are again. It’s almost the beginning of April, so it was time for Rich and I to sit down and do my monthly card picks for what I would like to get to in April. The last couple months haven’t exactly been wins for my card picks in terms of getting through the books, but I’m keeping anything I don’t read out so I can pick it up if I have time. That being said I have just been super busy, and with Camp NaNoWriMo happening in April I don’t know how much free time I will have. We’re just going to have to see how it goes.

So let’s get into what cards I pulled for April:

9 of Diamonds – Fantasy
4 of Clubs – Mystery
5 of Diamonds – YA
6 of Hearts – Random Kindle
3 of Spades – Anthologies
7 of Diamonds – Rich Pick

For the first one I decided to pick up a fantasy from an indie author that I’ve been wanting to read, so I picked The Falling. For mystery I’m stretching it a bit by picking The Hollow Places as it’s not technically a mystery, but I checked Goodreads and say that people had shelved it as a mystery, so I’m counting it.

For the YA pick I decided to pull from my TBR cart which has some of the books I really want to get to on it, so I pulled Rules For Vanishing because it’s high time I got to it. Next was the random kindle pick, which I’m going to select Poems for the End of the World for. Picking an anthology wasn’t hard since I have a stack of them, so I pulled Hungry Hearts.

By this time Rich was disappointed that I hadn’t pulled a face card yet, so he was happy to see that I drew a card for Rich Pick. He also stuck to my TBR cart even though I told him he could also peruse the TBR shelves, but he pulled Greek Myths since he knew I really wanted to get to that one.

So that’s what the cards determined for this month! We’ll see how well I do. I’m hoping I’ll get to most of them as well as maybe getting to some of my carry overs from past months.

Happy reading!

March TBR | Reading Plans

How is it already the end of February?! I know it’s the shortest month, but it went by SUPER fast. Still, I find that when I get towards the end of the month I’m really excited to draw my cards to figure out my stack of six books that I put on my TBR. As a refresher I did take inspiration for this from others, but made the rules my own. If I don’t complete the books I don’t punish myself, I’m simply using this as a fun way to try and tackle my (mostly) physical TBR. Any books not finished do get carried over and I can pick them up in following months if I am in the mood to.

With that, here’s how March’s cards came out:

2 of Spades – Kindle + YA
9 of Clubs – Anthologies
5 of Diamonds – YA
10 of Hearts – Historical
9 of Spades – YA + Color
7 of Clubs – Contemporary

For the first challenge I browsed my Kindle for something that was calling to me and decided to finally finish A Tyranny of Petticoats, which has been on my currently reading shelf longer than I would like to admit. The anthology I grabbed from my stack is Color Between the Lines which I’m super excited for.

Next I decided to go with Pet for my YA pick since it’s something I picked up recently and want to pick up sooner rather than later. Historical is a hard category with me and I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to switch out the Historical prompts for something else in the future – I just don’t have enough books to choose from for this prompt. My pick is definitely stretching it, The Saturday Night Ghost Club – but I decided it counted since it’s set in the 80s.

For YA + Color I turned to the random color generator and came up with a very unique mustard yellow/gold color. For this one I had some difficulties, but my boyfriend agreed that the balloons on 10 Blind Dates were close enough to count.

Again, the last choice was a stretch – when I pick Contemporary I don’t necessarily need contemporary to be the main focus, I just consider it something set in the contemporary setting, so because I wanted something a bit spooky in my TBR I went with The Haunted since people do have it shelved as contemporary on Goodreads (hey! my game, my rules haha).

So those are my plans for March (besides review books and mood reading) and I’m excited. Hopefully I’ll make my way through them!

Happy reading!

February TBR | Reading Plans

Hey everyone! Well, another month has pretty much passed us by. Where did January go? It’s been a pretty good reading month and with a couple more reads I’m trying to get a couple more reads in, but I’ll discuss that in my wrap up (yes, wrap ups are coming back!). As of writing this post I have read four of the six books that I picked for January and I’m hoping to finish at least one more before the month ends. As a reminder I’m not punishing myself if any are unfinished – I am carrying them over and picking them up as I can, but I’m not pressuring myself with any punishments or anything. My wrap up will come in a few days, but for now let’s get to what the cards determined for February.

4 of Diamonds – Netgalley
2 of Spades – Kindle + YA
Jack of Clubs – Under 300 Pages
King of Clubs – Rich’s Stack of 5
10 of Hearts – Historical
2 of Clubs – Classic

Most of these made me sigh with relief as I was hoping for a slightly lighter month – especially since I’m always playing catch up due to the century that was 2020. For the most part I was really happy with what the cards revealed.

For my NetGalley pick I went with the next blog tour I have scheduled, so This Golden Flame will be covering that card pick. For the Kindle + YA I have a collection on my kindle that is just YA, so I decided to be kind to myself and chose a short story/novella, which was The Automaton’s Treasure.

Under 300 pages did make me cheer just a bit and I was super excited to grab Kiki’s Delivery Service right off my book cart. Rich got it for me for Christmas and I have been dying to read it ever since, so I jumped at the chance to squeeze it into the TBR.

I groaned just slightly when that king card came up, just because most of the books Rich chose when I started this challenge are a bit on the larger size and I had already had one of the stack of 5 on January’s TBR. For this one I ended up going with Kill Creek.

Historical is one that will probably be removed from the board at some point just because I don’t have a ton of historical books – but for this category I’m including other genres that may have a historical setting, so I went with Stalking Jack the Ripper since I really need to get to that series.

Finally we landed on classic and I won’t lie, I was cringing just because I haven’t been in the mood for classics, but then I remembered that I still have some Shirley Jackson that I haven’t read so I leapt at the chance to pick up Let Me Tell You by her. Even though it was released only a few years ago, it’s previously unreleased work by her, so I’m counting it.

So there we have it! I think this months picks will be mostly easy to handle and if nothing else, fun to read!

Happy reading!

January TBR and Reading Plans

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month where I used a deck of cards to pick some (usually physical) books off my TBR/backlist to hopefully read the next month. I’m not punishing myself if I don’t read everything at this point as I’m just feeling things out. If you aren’t aware of the method I’m using or want to know more about it, please take a moment to read last month’s post where I explain everything.

Spoiler alert – as of this writing I have no read all six books I picked for December and let’s be honest, December was probably not the best month to start this in as it’s a busy month during an easy year. So far I’ve read two of the six books I picked, but I am hoping to get more done in the last week of the year (fingers crossed). I currently have two of them on audiobook and have started the other two already, so even if I only finish one or two more I will be happy. Again, I’m not going to punish myself if I don’t complete them, though I may roll them over and try to read them in the following month.

With that being said, let’s get into the plans for January!

  • 3 of spades – Anthologies
  • King of clubs – Rich’s Stack of 5
  • 9 of clubs – Anthologies
  • 6 of diamonds – Horror/Thriller
  • 10 of spades – Romance
  • 9 of hearts – YA + Random # generator

So for the first anthology I let myself cheat a little and picked something on my Kindle that I’ve started and definitely need to finish, which was Come On In. In most instances with this TBR game my intent is to pick physical books, but for January I do want to be a little nice to myself as well as get stuff done.

Out of the five books that Rich selected before I ever started the game I selected The Hero‘s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. This has been on my TBR forever in my middle grade section, so I was glad it was one of his picks.

The second anthology I picked was Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean which is something I picked up a while ago after hearing about it in passing. Then came Horror/Thriller which I was super excited about, I had a stack prepared of some that I wanted to read, so I selected The Haunting of Blackwood House.

I was actually kind of bummed when romance came up this time, but only because I haven’t been in a huge romance mood as of late, so with that in mind I’m going with Bed of Roses which is the second book in a series that I really need to complete.

Finally I got to YA + Random # generator, after conferring with Rich we agreed I should pick 10 books and then select a number from that, so that’s what I did. I pulled YA books off my cart and put them in a row, which then resulted in Shutter being picked.

So there you have it, those are the six books (beside review books and others that find their way in) that I’m planning to get off of my TBR in January. Wish me luck!

Happy reading!