Review: Book Love by Debbie Tung

Book Love CoverOh my god, if ever I thought an author was watching my life and using it for inspiration, this would be it. Book Love is a graphic novel by Debbie Tung coming out in January. This is the perfect portrayal of book lovers in so many different ways. I loved seeing all the different quirks, emotions and habits of book lovers which I can definitely identify with. The flow of the book was quick and fun, often interchanging from humorous to meaningful. The art style was a beautiful sketch style that inserted just enough detail to make each character unique and each setting recognizable.

If you are a book lover or know someone who is a book lover this is a wonderful book to enjoy and share. It captures so much that is true about those of us who enjoy immersing ourselves in reading and books.

Book Love comes out on January 1st, 2019 through Andrews McMeel publishing.  Be sure to check it out or get the book lover in your life a copy! You can also find Debbie Tung on Twitter at @WheresMyBubble.

Happy Reading!