December TBR and Reading Plans

Hey everyone! November was a hard month for me. I had a number of things go sideways as well as some hard things going on, so admittedly not a ton of reading happened. I’m hoping to finish the year strong though. So without anything else, let’s get to the card picks for December.

First we got a queen, so that is of course a Calypso pick and this month she decided I was going to readh The Taking of Jake Livingston. We then got 9 of diamonds which was a fantasy, so I picked Thirteens. The next pick was a Jack, which means under 300 pages and at this point I was thanking the cards for being nice, for that one I’m going to pick up the next volume of Kamisama Kiss (I really need to finish this series as well as Fruits Basket).

We then got 7 of spades which is a wheel pick, so I did a random number generator to pick wheel 3. This was the romance wheel which has a mix of titles and authors on it, so it landed on Tessa Bailey and for this I’ll be reading Window Shopping. Next was 2 of diamonds which is middle grade and I picked Dark Waters which I have been wanting to read since it came out. Finally I had a little moment of crying because we got a king which means Rich’s stack of 5, and for that I picked Wintersong.

Other than that and some review books I don’t have any concrete plans for December, I’m just hoping I can get out of my slump and get back on track. What’s everyone else reading?

Happy reading!

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