October TBR and Reading Plans

Hey everyone! Somehow we are at the end of September, I swear the month just started! This is probably going to be a brief post, but I’m excited to get to spooky reads in October. I’m also always trying to play catch up lol as 2020-2021 have really messed with me. Onto the card picks!

  • King – Rich’s Stack of Five
  • Six of Hearts – Random Kindle
  • Seven of Clubs – Asian Author
  • Queen – Calypso Pick
  • Five of Spades – SciFi
  • Five of Diamonds – YA

So far I haven’t picked one for random kindle, I figure it will be a mood read. For Rich’s Stack of Five I went with Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Tales of the Slayer. I have a huge stack of books by Asian authors, so that’s why that is specifically a prompt, for that one I picked Iron Widow.

For the Calypso pick we once again gave her three choices and she ended up going with The Lost Village, though it was close for a bit there.

Choosing a SciFi was a little hard since I don’t have a ton, but I picked The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. Finally I chose All These Bodies as my YA pick since I received a finished copy from the publisher and want to read it ASAP.

Other than that I’m hoping I pick up a ton of spooky books and as always work on narrowing my pile of TBR picks and review copies. Someday we will get out of this Pandora’s Box situation and things will get better.

Happy reading!

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