June TBR | Reading Plans

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again where I drew the cards to see what I would be pulling to read from my physical TBR. So far I managed to make progress on some previous books that were picked and read three of the books I had selected for May. May was a little bit of a make up month for me so I was happy with what I completed. I would have liked to read more obviously, but will pick them up as I’m keeping them pulled until I read them. Now onto what’s coming for June!

This month the cards I drew were as follows:

  • Three of Diamonds – Wheel
  • Four of Hearts – Contemporary
  • Five of Clubs – Wildcard
  • Three of Hearts – Paranormal Romance
  • Ten of Diamonds – BotM
  • Jack of Spades – Under 300 Pages

So, you may have noticed that Wheel is a new prompt! I switched out a few prompts that didn’t really fit with what I had on my TBR. For Wheel I created a number of wheels with different themes in an app, so when this came up I did a random number generator to pick the wheel (which ended up being the middle grade wheel) and it selected The Girl and the Ghost.

For Contemporary I decided to do something fun and picked K-Pop Confidential and since Wildcard allows me to choose whatever I want I picked up Bridge of Souls since I’ve wanted to read it since I got it.

When it came to Paranormal Romance I knew I was going to pick the next book in the Krewe of Hunters series since I am way behind on that series, so that will be Dying Breath. I have a number of books from BotM that I need to get read so this one took me a while to choose, but I finally picked Piranesi.

Finally I was really happy to pull a Jack since that meant something under 300 pages, so I grabbed Kamisama Kiss #17 since I really need to finish that manga series and already have all of the ones I haven’t read.

So those are the books that were picked for June! I have confidence that I should be able to get through them, but who knows?

What is everyone else reading in June?

Happy reading!

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