July TBR | TBR Card Challenge

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted a TBR or a card challenge update in a while, so figured now was a good time. I’ve been in quite a bad slump the last few months but I’m trying to get myself out of it, especially since I’m behind on my goal for the year. That means a lot of mood reading, but I’m also trying to get back on my more structured picks such as through the cards.

I’m still working on some card challenges from previous months, but I do have audiobooks available for a number of them, so I’m hopeful I can knock those out pretty easily.

For this month I picked the following:

  • Nine of Clubs: Anthologies – Love Beyond Body, Space and Time
  • Ten of Hearts: Rich Pick – So You Want to be A Viking (he wanted to be kind and pick a short book)
  • Jack: Under 300 Pages – Wolf’s Rain Volume 1
  • Seven of Spades: Spin a Wheel – Nightbooks
  • Three of Hearts: Random Color – The Ex Hex
  • Four of Diamond: NetGalley – This one I’m leaving to just pick one on my list when I get to it.

Other than those I’m going to concentrate on ARCs that I have commitments to and mood read where I can. What’s everyone else reading this month?

Happy reading!

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