September TBR & Reading Plans

Hey everyone! I feel like each month goes faster and faster. I don’t know if it is because of the times we are in or just another aspect of getting older – but here we are selecting cards for next month! Rich and I went through and changed a few of the prompts, we gave the board a little sprucing up you could say.

Here are what the cards decreed:

  • 8 of Hearts – Random Letter Author
  • Queen – Calypso Pick
  • 7 of Diamonds – Rich Pick
  • 8 of Diamonds – Non-Fiction
  • Jack – Under 300 Pages
  • 9 of Clubs – Love in Color

I’m going to keep this brief but some of the picks were pretty hilarious, especially the random letter for the author name. My first three picks were duds (I, Z and X) but we finally got G, which led to Not That Bad by Roxane Gay.

Then Calypso pick came up and thankfully Calypso was feeling like cooperating. I gave her three options, but what she settled on was Haunted New Orleans.

And then we got Rich Pick! Apparently the cards were having fun with me. Rich ended up picking Written in Red by Anne Bishop which wasn’t a huge surprise since he bought it for me.

The next couple I selected pretty easily with my non-fiction being Nevermore by Troy Taylor and the under 300 pages book being Horribly Mutilated by the same author.

Finally anthologies came up and for this one I selected one I got from Book of the Month recently – Love In Color.

Here’s hoping I can get them all of them plus churn through more of past picks. We shall see!

Happy reading!

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