Blitz | Thunderstruck by Wren Michaels

Wren Michaels
(The Thunderbird Brotherhood, #1)
Publication date: March 10th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Reseda Juarez is dead. Though she functions as a human, inside she’s an emotionless weapon, trapped between the living and the undead. Cold and unrelenting, she’s used as a super-soldier by the government in a special task force to hunt preternatural beings to the brink of extinction.

One night, five years ago, Kane killed an innocent and his brother lost the love of his life. The aftermath forces Kane to become the alpha of the legendary Thunderbirds. He now must protect what’s left of his family from the tribe of wolf shifters who ripped them apart.

When Reseda’s mother is bitten by a wolf, she and Kane are forced to work together to find the Mayan Pul Yah stone to heal her—the same stone that gifted Reseda to the life she now lives. But the journey is riddled with more than wolves, also searching for the stone. Something strange happens to their powers when they’re together, and they struggle to fight the intense attraction between them. The deeper they go, the more secrets unravel, until love is the only thing that can defeat an enemy no one saw coming.

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Kane turned, thrusting his hands in the air. “I don’t even know who this Reseda is. How am I supposed to find her?”

“I’m sure I have a picture of her around here somewhere. But it’s quite old. She must be in her twenties by now.” Maquinna pressed the last of the herbs into the open wounds along Glenda’s arm and a phone slipped out of her apron pocket, crashing to the floor. The screen flashed with Reseda’s name.

“So, I’m just supposed to shout her name into the woods or something? I’ve got nothing to go on.” Kane stilled. Hair along his arms danced on an electric wave humming in the air around him. Closing his eyes, he inhaled a slow breath.

Adrenaline? No.

Sweat? No.

A scent he’d never encountered before, crisp and pure. Not fear, not heat, nor blood. Yet something distinctly feminine, clouded by wolf.

Kane shot out of the house in a blur. Following the scent, he kicked up speed as he dodged the enormous redwood trunks. The smell of rage and blood lust covered the faint scent of the female. The wolves had closed in on whoever it was. Triumphant howls rang out from the forest floor, and Kane zeroed in on the sounds.

Hair, long and dark as midnight, shone beneath the shimmer of moonlight as he caught sight of her. The same four wolves that he rescued Glenda from now chased this female, Castos out in front. She glanced over her shoulder, and for a moment Kane swore he caught a smile on her face before terror flickered in her eyes and she turned back around, increasing her sprint.

The thought disturbed and distracted him. He didn’t have time to transform into the Thunderbird as he caught up to one of the wolves. Continuing his chase, he stiffened his forearms and the edges of his tattoos lit up. A streak of lightning flashed from the ink, splitting the wolves’ path down the middle, singing the paws of two as they flipped over, rolling down the rim floor.

Castos glanced behind him. His yellow eyes pulsed blood-red as he released an ear-splitting howl catching sight of Kane. The wolf launched himself into the air, toppling the female to the ground. Kane leaped headfirst for the other wolf, barreling him to the Earth in a plume of dirt and pine needles. He gripped the creature by the head and twisted it in his hands, snapping its neck.

Castos walked around the female face down in the dirt, glaring at Kane from a distance. “You’ve now made yourself a true enemy, Kane. This was not your business.”

“What happens on my land is my business, Castos. Let the girl go.”

Castos howled with laughter. “You sound an awful lot like your father. Those same words got him killed.”

Rage boiled beneath Kane’s skin. Curling his fingers into his palm, the edges of his tattoos once again lit, brighter than before as he channeled everything into his powers. Something blurred to his right, and Kane snapped his focus to find the source of it. Castos released a whimpering growl as he flew through the air, soaring over Kane’s head, landing in a puff of dirt behind him on his back.

Kane whipped his head back to the girl. She stood facing him, bathed in moonlight, arms thrust forward ready to attack. The most intense and haunting blue eyes he’d ever seen flickered between the rays of light and darkness shadowing her face. Kane scrambled up from the ground to a stance, glancing back to where Castos landed, only to find him gone.

He turned back to the girl. “Are you hurt?”

“Are you?” She cocked her head, slanting a hip to the side.

He couldn’t tell if she was confused or teasing. “What kind of question is that?” Why would she ask if he was okay? He was the one saving her. Did she completely miss where he took out three of the four wolves?

“A valid one. I don’t know what happened to the other two, but I saw you tussling with Gage. He’s no easy match. That was Castos’ number one. So, again, are you hurt?” she asked.

“You’re on a first name basis with the wolves?” He sniffed the air around her, stepping closer. “You don’t smell like a wolf.”

“Chanel. It hides everything.” She circled in turn with his steps around her. “But no, of course I’m not a wolf. Thanks for the insult.”

He stifled a laugh. “Many pardons, ma’am.”

“Ma’am? Do I look that old?” Her lips fell into a pout. “It’s the moonlight, isn’t it? And the fact that I forgot to moisturize this morning.”

Kane cocked a brow. Who the hell was this girl making jokes moments after being savagely attacked by not only wolves, but the Alpha? She looked far from old. Dark hair that could rival the finest silk draped her shoulders, almost as long as his own. Olive skin that shone flawless under the light of the full moon was only put to shame by those stunning eyes.

Kane stepped back. “No. That’s not what I meant.”

“You hesitated. I do. I look old.” Her shoulders slumped as she folded her arms. “I’m too young to use night cream.”

Kane shook his head. “What the hell are you talking about? You just got jumped by a pack of wolves and you’re worried about wrinkles?”

Author Bio:

Wren hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her to Texas, where she promptly lost all tolerance for cold and snow. Fueled by coffee, dreams, and men in kilts, Wren promises to bring you laughter, heart-fluttering romance, and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter / Bookbub

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Blog Tour | Killing Time by Brenna Ehrlich | Review

Killing Time follows a true-crime obsessed teenage girl who sets out to uncover a killer when her favorite teacher is murdered. With a dual POV that sends the reader back twenty years, this engrossing and twisty thriller is perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Karen McManus.

Summer in Ferry, Connecticut has always meant long, lazy days at the beach and wild nights partying in the abandoned mansions on the edge of town. Until now, that is.

Natalie Temple’s favorite teacher has been murdered, and there’s no way this true-crime obsessed girl is going to sit back and let the rumor mill churn out lie after lie. Not if she has anything to say about it – even if she has to hide her investigation from her disapproving mom and team up with a new boy in town with a mysterious smile and a talent for making fake IDs.

But the more Natalie uncovers, the more she realizes some secrets were never meant to be told.
With two interwoven mysteries, Killing Time is a deathly warning to a generation of murderinos: what happens when the stories we’re chasing finally catch up with us?

Buy Links | | B&N | Amazon | Books-a-Million | IndieBound | Google Play | Kobo |
Apple Books

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I really wanted to love this story as the description sounded right up my alley. A focus on true crime and solving a murder? Yes. While I did enjoy the story overall, there were definitely some things that detracted from my reading experience. I did not really enjoy the voice of the main character, to me she was a bit too harsh.

The overall mystery I felt was solid and fun to unravel as the story went on. While I didn’t love the main character, the way her and her mother’s perspectives wove together. So overall, the story was a positive for me. The writing style was also excellent and the pacing felt solid, so I would definitely read from this author again.

Brenna Ehrlich is a journalist, YA author, and editor who has worked everywhere from MTV News to Rolling Stone. She resides in New Jersey with her husband Morgan and their two cats, Nimbus and Hazel. She enjoys horror movies and romcoms in equal measure.

Social Links | Author website | Twitter | Instagram

Happy reading!

Blitz | Time Lies by Rowena Tisdale

Time Lies
Rowena Tisdale
Publication date: March 4th 2022
Genres: Adult, Romance, Time-Travel

She thinks he’s crazy, he thinks she’s a witch.
Of course, they fall in love.

Shannon Kellogg is a spoiled heiress. She’s shallow and self-centered, but after her third divorce, she vows to become a better person. Practicing kindness and empathy is her prescription for self-improvement.

As if on cue, a young man with a strange accent, dressed as a colonial cosplayer appears in her yard during a thunderstorm. He’s lost and confused, and something about him tugs at her heart. She sees an opportunity on her path to change, and decides to help him.

It turns out to be more of a challenge than she anticipated. Azariah Scott was unwillingly tossed through time and the only way to help him is to send him back to 1750. She doesn’t know how to honor her commitment to him; despite his belief she’s a witch, she doesn’t believe in magic.

As they work together to find a gateway to the past, love blossoms, and Shannon comes to regret her promise.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble


He cried out, and jerked away from her outstretched hand, falling to the floor, cracking his head on the corner of the island. He went still.

“Well, damn,” she muttered, closing the door.

A puddle had formed where he’d been standing. Much to her relief, a glance down confirmed water, not blood, covered the floor. Barefoot, she stepped gingerly on the well-polished tiles.

Shannon squatted next to him, picking up his wrist and checking for a pulse. His eyes were closed, but his lips were moving. Unable to hear what he was saying, she leaned in, her nose crinkling with distaste as she got closer. Such a heavy costume in the hot weather required far more deodorant. Holding her breath, she put her ear near his mouth.

“I am cursed

Straightening, she pursed her lips. The whole situation was bizarre enough to be intriguing. She was curious about this strange man. What was his story? An actual interest in another was a bit foreign to her. A sign, no doubt, she was already becoming a better person.

Okay, but what did she do now? If she called the police, first, they would send someone to her house. It might be the same hot officer who had come a couple of months ago, and after assuring her no bobcat lurked in her backyard, had left a few hours later with more than a grateful “thank you.”

He’d come back once or twice, to play Criminal & Lady Cop, but she’d soon tired of him. Officer CuffMe was the last person she wanted to see when she had an unknown young man passed out in her kitchen. Awkward and uncomfortable at best, of questionable legality at worst.

Second, it would be straight to the psych ward if the police got involved. Probably the right call, but if he were whisked away, she’d never learn his story. Making up her mind, she strode decisively to the liquor cabinet. Bryce had kept an extensive, and expensive bar.

“Brandy, brandy, brandy,” she chanted as she skimmed the labels. She smiled as she wrapped her fingers around the neck of a bottle. She’d read enough romances with bare-chested sea captains on the cover to know when the heroine fainted dead away, the thing to revive her was a bit of eau-de-vie. Singing a Spanish song about brandy she opened her crystal cupboard.

How much?

The lines never said anything like, “He poured four ounces of cognac into an eight ounce snifter and lifted it to her trembling lips.” It couldn’t be much. The unfortunate lass was usually “spluttering and gagging at the first taste of the amber fluid.”

Settling next to the stranger on the floor, she assumed the Lotus position. He had stopped mumbling, but was still quite pale. She set the glass down, then shifted to her best approximation of “cradling his head in her lap,” and wondered how the mechanics of this worked.

She decided to check his pockets before reviving him. If she found his license, the mystery would be solved. His apparel was odd, she wasn’t sure where to look. A pat down revealed a muscular body but no phone or wallet in the expected places. There was a slight bulge over his chest. In the small pouch she pulled out, she found some old coins, and some paper which might be foreign currency, though she didn’t recognize it. There was also a large, intricate antique key. None of this was helpful. She slid the purse back into the concealed pocket.

Putting a hand on the back of his head, Shannon, surprised by the weight, carefully lifted it and angled him, as best she could, into a drinking posture. Then, she brought the glass to his mouth—

a very sensuous mouth

and poured the tiniest bit of alcohol over his lips. She laughed when he actually spluttered.

His head jerked, and his eyes flew open. Shannon drew back her hand, brandy splashing over the rim. She dropped his head, which unfortunately did not land back in her lap, but thumped heavily to the floor. A grimace of pain crossed his face, and she felt a tinge of guilt.

He fixed her with a baleful stare.

“What do you want of me?” he asked.

Author Bio:

Rowena Tisdale was born and raised in Michigan, sort of all over the state. As an adult, she moved south to Texas, and after living there for a bit, headed east, eventually returning home to her beloved “Mitten State.” She now resides nearby her favorite city, Detroit, with her son and a pair of feline companions.

A reader of romance from an early age, she remains an avid fan of the genre. Over the years, she began to wonder why the feisty heroines she’s always loved haven’t aged with her. Her stories are about older women, because she knows romance is not solely the purview of youth. Whether a single mother in her 30s, a crone who makes goddesses smile, or a spoiled socialite in her 40s, Rowena writes female characters who have the beauty and confidence of experience. She writes across genres, romance, chick-lit, and women’s fiction, but all her novels are love stories.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Blitz | Perilune by Karri Thompson

Karri Thompson
(The Legend of Tena, #2)
Publication date: March 8th 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

A truce has brought the Grove peace—but things are not as they appear.

Deep within a secret rainforest, live the keepers of unknown spells—a lost Landaffen colony with the power to keep Laura from fulfilling her fate by setting a trap and using Prince Brell as bait.

But Laura has become more Landaffen than human, her abilities sharpening as she infiltrates the forgotten and unforgiving Grove. She must learn to control the colony’s magic before their powers are at their peak.

If she fails, Prince Brell will die, and the joining of both worlds will be incomplete. It is Laura’s duty. Her calling. Faith must be restored, and the enemy defeated.

With a broken treaty and imminent conflict bringing death and war, Laura must build trust and bring order . . . before the PERILUNE!

Goodreads / Amazon / iBooks / Kobo


“You’re not supposed to be doing this!” I warned. “You’re breaking an agreement between kings.”

“An arrangement concerning a half-race is not a contract to keep,” Daveen said.

“What do you want?” I asked and took two steps backward, stretching out my arms to catch my balance as I lifted my feet from the snow.

“This is not about what we want,” Reenk said. “It is about what we need.”

I reached behind my back to grab the door handle, but I was too far away from the door.

“Why are you here?” I asked again. “What do you―?”

“You are to come with us,” Reenk said. She patted her sword through her jacket.

Daveen pulled a coil of rope from his backpack. He pulled his feet through the snow and stood next to her.

I readied my right foot to push off while keeping my eyes on theirs. With one leap, I reached the door. Daveen sprung forward, catching me by the arm with one hand and prying my fingers from the handle with the other.

I kicked behind me, tugging to jerk free, and fell to my knees. My backpack landed in the snow. Daveen yanked my arm, and I pulled him to the ground next to me. I rolled on top of him. Holding him down with one hand and using all my weight, I worked to get to my feet.

My coat collar wrenched hard against my throat, cutting into my skin. Reenk had me by the hood, and as she pulled, it became harder for me to breathe. I shoved my fingers between the top of the zipper and my neck, twisting away as I rose to my feet.

From behind, Daveen grabbed me around the arms and waist, holding me with such force, I was unable to move my arms or raise my feet.

The door flung open, but neither Laramiss moved.

Todd walked from the building. “Hey! What are you doing? Let go of her!” Todd screamed.

Daveen tightened his grip, and he and Reenk threw confused glances at one another.

Author Bio:

Karri Thompson, a native of San Diego, attended San Diego State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education. When she’s not writing novels and teaching high school English, she can be found nerding out at San Diego Comic-Con and cooking delicious meals for her family. Karri is the recipient of the San Diego Book Awards Best Published Young Adult Novel for 2014.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Blitz | Cosplay Worthy by Quiana Glide

Cosplay Worthy
Quiana Glide
Publication date: March 7th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Can a professional really love his fangirl?

Blerdy (Black + nerdy) fangirl Layla Bennett is excited to meet her favorite comic book writer. She’s looking forward to getting his autograph, shaking his hand, and getting a photo with him while dressed in cosplay. At least that’s how she felt before meeting him and turning to mush under the gaze of his sexy blue eyes. Comic book writer and New York Times best selling author Vic Williams is as sexy as the superheroes he writes about. His affable charm has Layla under his spell, at least until the end of the weekend.

After their convention meet cute Layla goes home with a fun story about meeting her idol, knowing nothing will come from her fangirl blubbering. When Vic connects with Layla online, their friendship quickly evolves into a long distance relationship, complete with anime, ramen, and with comic book store trips with a comic book writer.

Layla is smitten with her real life superhero, but much like comic book lore things aren’t always what they seem. Under the bright lights of the comic con floor hidden truths come to the surface. Through the harsh reality of the fandom world can Layla and Vic find their way back together?

This is a complete standalone romance with a HEA!

Goodreads / Amazon


“Putting you out of your misery and replying to the man… anddd done!” she shoved my phone back into my hand.

I stared down at the screen and sure enough she had replied.

Layla: I’d really like that. When are you coming into town?

My breath caught in my throat. Before I could recover my equilibrium, my phone buzzed.

Vic: In about 2 weeks. I’ve got a business meeting. I’ll send you my travel plans, and we can set up a time to meet.

My heart fluttered in my chest. It was happening. I was seeing him again.

“Did he respond?” Alex asked.

“…He said he’ll send me his travel plans and we’ll decide when to meet up.”

“See! Easy peasy.”

I shrugged, “I guess.”

“Oh my god! That’s why you made such a big deal about this! You like him!” Alex pointed a spatula at me.

“No, I don’t!” I shouted, the heat in my cheeks betrayed me.

“Yes, you do! Your voice does this weird ass high pitch wail when you lie. It just did it. You like him! You like him!” she sang.

“Okay, okay… You’re right I like him. I mean but it’s wrong. I shouldn’t like him. I’m a fangirl nothing more.”

“You’re saying fangirl like it’s a damn swear word. What’s wrong with being a fangirl?”

“It’s a geek thing.”

“So normal people like me wouldn’t understand is what you’re saying?” Alex huffed.

“No! That’s not what I meant!”

She rolled her eyes, “What do you mean?”

“I mean like it makes me a total creep. Like what happened with one of my online friends she liked this TV writer she met at a con. They fooled around a few times then word got out and everyone was calling her a star fucker.”

“I hardly call a TV writer a star,” Alex raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged, “A star in the world of conventions.”

“For such outcasts you nerds always be shittin’ on each other.”

“Yep, everyone is terrible always and forever.”

Author Bio:

Quiana Glide considers herself a Jill of all nerdy trades but master of none. Pro wrestling, cartoons, books, and 80s music are her jams. Quiana has had a lifelong love of writing and has been a featured writer in HuffPost and CafeMom. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her charmingly goofy husband and her chaotic toddler daughter.

Goodreads / TikTok / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter

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Review | Thirteens by Kate Alice Marshall

A sleepy town with a dark secret–and the three kids brave enough to uncover it.

Twelve-year-old Eleanor has just moved to Eden Eld to live with her aunt and uncle after her mother was killed in a fire. Her birthday, which falls on Halloween, is just around the corner, and she hopes that this year will be a fresh start at a new life. But then one morning, an ancient grandfather clock counting down thirteen hours appears outside of her bedroom. And then she spots a large black dog with glowing red eyes prowling the grounds of her school. A book of fairytales she’s never heard of almost willingly drops in front of her, as if asking to be read. Something is wrong in the town of Eden Eld.

Eleanor and her new classmates, Pip and Otto, are the only ones who see these “wrong things,” and they also all happen to share a Halloween birthday. Bonded by these odd similarities, the trio uncovers a centuries-old pact the town has with a mysterious figure known as Mr. January: every thirteen years, three thirteen-year-olds disappear, sacrificed in exchange for the town’s unending good fortune. This Halloween, Mr. January is back to collect his payment and Eleanor, Pip, and Otto are to be his next offering…unless they can break the curse before the clock strikes thirteen.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Having enjoyed Rules of Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall, I’ve been wanting to pick this one up for a while. Now I’m kind of mad at myself for not picking it up sooner because I loved it. While the setting and story took some time to come together, I felt it was a good pacing for the intended audience. This story contained just the right amount of spooky and wrongness to set up the curse upon the town and was a strong beginning to a series. Marshall’s writing style had a great flow to it and I felt had just as much atmosphere as her writing for slightly older audiences. I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series since I have to know what happens with Eleanor, Pip and Otto!

Happy reading!

Review | Rebel Girls Climate Warriors: 25 Tales of Women Who Protect the Earth

With fairytale-like stories about Greta Thunberg, Autumn Peltier, and Rachel Carson, Rebel Girls Climate Warriors: 25 Tales of Environmental Allies spotlights the world-changing work of women on the frontlines of the fight for climate justice. Meet conservationists, activists, water protectors, philanthropists, authors, and other women from all over the world who have stood up to polluters and used their amazing talents to protect the planet. Climate Warriors is part of the award-winning Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series.

Join Greta Thunberg for a climate strike. Plant a tree with Wangari Maathai. Stand with water protector Autumn Peltier. And turn trash into profits and independence with Isatou Ceesay. Rebel Girls Climate Warriors tells the stories of the ingenuity and commitment of these women and more, including Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood, Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei, Indigenous Ecuadorian leader Nemonte Nenquimo, and Thai landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom.

This collection of 25 stories follows in the footsteps of the New York Times best-selling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. It is illustrated by female and nonbinary artists from around the world.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was really excited to pick up this newest installment in the Rebel Girls line and was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the women included in this installment were people I’d never heard of. There was a very diverse group of people, from different backgrounds, countries and walks of life, which was really nice to see. I also really appreciated that in this volume there were a number of QR codes that could be scanned to learn more about these individuals, making a way for younger readers to expand their knowledge and learn even more than what is included in the book. I’d say this is a solid installment to the series and inspirational so more people can get involved.

Happy reading!

Blitz | Against the Boards by Danica Flynn

Against The Boards
Danica Flynn
(Philadelphia Bulldogs, #3)
Publication date: March 1st 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sports

When I applied for a job with the Philadelphia Bulldogs, I never thought they would offer it to me on the spot. Luckily for me, my twin was letting me stay at his place while he played hockey overseas.

Then he dropped the bomb that Benny was his new roommate. You know, the only guy on the team I can’t stand. I don’t know how we’re gonna survive being roommates. Because honestly? Some days I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss him or punch him.

When TJ told me his sister was moving to Philly and needed a place to stay, I knew I should have high-tailed it out of town for the offseason.

But I didn’t. Because I’m all sorts of foolish when it comes to that feisty woman. Every time our paths cross, I open my mouth and make her mad. Usually with good reason, too.

The two of us being roommates was bad news. We’re either going to kill each other or I’m gonna give her the best kiss of her life. I’m not sure which is worse.

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If you love a steamy enemies to lovers romance, this one is for you.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play


“So, when can you start?”

I stared at the blonde woman in front of me in disbelief. I thought the interview was going well but not that well.

“Whenever you need me,” I said with a smile.

When I saw the posting for the sales manager position with the Philadelphia Bulldogs, I applied on a whim. I never thought they would call me back or offer it to me on the spot. I needed to get out of St. Catharines and would have taken any job. Literally any job if it meant working for an NHL team. Even if it meant leaving Canada.

Quinn smiled at me. “I’m gonna be honest: I need the position filled ASAP. Can you start tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” I choked out.

“Do you need to give notice to your current employer?”

I shook my head.

After my messy break-up, I had been so gutted that I ended up quitting my job. Not the best plan when your ex-girlfriend kicked you out after you caught her cheating on you. Jobless and technically homeless, I had nothing holding me back from moving to a different country.

Quinn flipped through the paperwork on her desk. “Shit, you’re Canadian, right?”

“Oh, I don’t have to wait for a visa. I have dual citizenship.”

“Oh, perfect, because I’d rather not wait. We’re not in the playoffs again this year, but there’s a lot of prep work for next season.”

I stared at the Bulldogs’ calendar on the wall behind Quinn, and dread spread through me. This month’s photo depicted right-winger Tristan “TJ” Desjardins lobbing the puck into the back of the net. Kinda weird to be staring into the face of your twin brother during a job interview. Although, it might have explained why I applied for the job to begin with.

“There’s something I should tell you first,” I admitted, and I pointed to the calendar behind her. “That’s my brother.”

She stared at the photo of my brother on her wall and then looked at me curiously for a second. “Huh. Now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance.”

“We’re twins. Is that gonna be a conflict of interest?”

She tipped back her head and laughed.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Sorry. The GM’s my husband, so it’s funny you asked that. As long as we keep things professional, I don’t foresee it being an issue.”

A lot of NHL teams had fraternization policies, so it was interesting that the Bulldogs didn’t have one. The OHL team I worked for back home in Canada had a strict policy. Not that it ever mattered to me. I hadn’t been single. Or into douchey hockey players who reminded me too much of my brother.

“Can you start tomorrow?” she asked again.



She went over the information I needed for tomorrow and then walked me out of the office. She shook my hand in the hall. “I can’t wait for you to get started.”

“You don’t even have to wait a full twenty-four hours,” I said with a grin.

She waved goodbye to me, and then I walked outside. Once there, I finally took a breath.

Holy shit. I got a job with an actual NHL team!

Author Bio:

Danica Flynn is a marketer by day, and a writer by nights and weekends. AKA she doesn’t sleep! She is a rabid hockey fan of both The Philadelphia Flyers and the Metropolitan Riveters. When not writing, she can be found hanging with her partner, playing video games, and reading a ton of books.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Instagram / Twitter / Amazon / Newsletter

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Review | Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye

This is what they deserve. They wanted me to be a monster. I will be the worst monster they ever created.

Fifteen-year-old Sloane can incinerate an enemy at will—she is a Scion, a descendant of the ancient Orisha gods.

Under the Lucis’ brutal rule, her identity means her death if her powers are discovered. But when she is forcibly conscripted into the Lucis army on her fifteenth birthday, Sloane sees a new opportunity: to overcome the bloody challenges of Lucis training, and destroy them from within.

Sloane rises through the ranks and gains strength but, in doing so, risks something greater: losing herself entirely, and becoming the very monster that she ahbors.

Following one girl’s journey of magic, injustice, power, and revenge, this deeply felt and emotionally charged debut from Deborah Falaye, inspired by Yoruba-Nigerian mythology, is a magnetic combination of A Song of Wraiths and Ruin and Daughter of Smoke and Bone that will utterly thrill and capture readers.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

First and foremost, I am loving seeing so many books that have come out recently and are coming out that feature different culture’s mythology and folklore. I love being exposed to stories that are inspired from or draw directly from these sources.

The story itself had me a bit raw at some points because it was so powerful. The world itself comes across very dark and gritty and the pacing made the book a super fast read. Every time I thought there might be a bit of a breather there was a twist and the story was moving on. That’s not to say it was too fast, I’d say it was pretty perfect in that way.

The characters were super complex and I absolutely loved the main character. She was written in such a real way, struggling through the difficulties she faced instead of sailing through. I’m not going to say much more simply because I think you should go into this story not knowing a ton – experience it as it is and enjoy the ride.

Happy reading!

Blitz | Alter by H.R. Truelove

H.R. Truelove
(Alter, #1)
Publication date: January 26th 2022
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself?

Lennox, Erris, Wisdom…
There are many voices in Laura’s mind but no one, not even her family, will believe her.

Laura’s life is far from normal. After spending years in a medical center for seeing visions no one else can, Laura is transferred to the Tomlinson Institute of Research. There, she’s promised, lies the truth she’s been after her entire life.

But as her eighteenth birthday looms closer, Laura’s already complicated life takes a sudden turn. When she discovers what hides behind her unusual abilities, Laura’s reality is blown to pieces, and she must learn to make sense of her super-natural gifts. With a little help from the voices in her head, Laura needs to fight to save herself, the world she lives in–and every other world in the multiverse.

Alter is a gripping and intricate tale of conspiracy, mad scientists, and broken lives. A multiverse of blurry lines, lies, and deceit where we come face-to-face with the best of humankind… And it’s very worst.

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My eyes were weak, but I heard every heartbeat in the Hollow. Every thud had a signature as unique as each of the countless snowflakes piled outside.

The chilly air stung my eyes and lips. My ears curled from the cold and the tips of my fingers were burned black.

We didn’t even have a word for frostbite in the Dark World. Many Shadows who slept in the Hollow had missing fingers, hands, or entire arms and legs. Some limbs were taken in battle, others lost to the cold, but not one of them was a lesser fighter for it. We were born fighting, thrashing our way into the frosted wasteland of the Dark World with nothing but the voice in our heads.

I’d named mine Wisdom.

My conscience. The angel on my shoulder. The Devil. An imaginary friend—who wasn’t imaginary.

A visitor in my head, whose thoughts were a plague on my mind.

Do it now, Lennox. While Helectra’s sleeping. Her death will be quick and easy. You’ll be out of the Hollow before anyone knows you’re responsible.

What if you’re wrong? I asked, my words heard by Wisdom alone.

Helectra’s a spy! I went through the Crawlers’ records myself. Would you like to see them? Wisdom’s tone was far more threatening than helpful.

No. I trust you. It was a two-week hike to the closest computer I’d be able to verify the information on, anyway.

You should trust me. I’ve never been wrong. About anything. Wisdom’s irritation was so strong, a bitter taste settled on my tongue. We need to deal with Helectra before the Crawlers come after her. End her, Lennox. And don’t hurt anyone else this time.

Wisdom’s memories threatened to pierce my mind. I focused my thoughts, pitting my will against hers like a shield. I only wanted her words. I couldn’t handle her feelings.

Helectra wouldn’t end my life quietly. Crawler or not, I owe her a fight. I can do this. The pain will stay with me.

Wisdom’s doubt broke my shield and tore through my body.

Of course, Lennox. As always, you’ll do what you think is best.

No matter what happens.

Wisdom slipped from my mind, nothing but the jerk at my scalp to remind me a visitor was here. There was no time to celebrate the relief her quiet brought because once my visitor left, her voice was replaced with a new sound.

Thump, thump, thump.

Even a heartbeat sounded different when it belonged to a traitor. I followed the traitorous beat through the series of caves I’d sought refuge in with nearly thirty others. The children born during the Evernight were called Shadows, and the Crawlers hunted them mercilessly.

Author Bio:

H. R. Truelove lives with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

She developed a thirst for reading during her long bus rides to school, and has been writing poetry, song lyrics, and short stories most of her life.

Truelove’s debut trilogy, Alter, will release in 2022, with book one ready to launch in January.

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