Review: Hidden Heartbreak

Hidden Heartbreak CoverI used to follow @HiddenHeartbreak’s posts on Instagram as the art and story intrigued me, so when I found out that much of that story had been compiled into a book I was excited to take a look.

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t seem to include much art that was new, though it was nice to see the entire story, or healing process, in one continuous stream.

Hidden Heartbreak is a graphic representation of the author’s relationship and where it went wrong.  It does take a look at insecurities some people may have, as well as glimpses of a toxic relationship and how the author worked her way back from it.

I probably would have gotten much more out of this book if I wasn’t already familiar with the art, of if there had been more that was brand new, but I felt that this was a great collection of the art from the instagram account.

Hidden Heartbreak comes out January 8, 2019 from Andrews McMeel Publishing.  If it’s something that interests you, check it out!

Happy reading!


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