Review: Days of Sugar or Spice

Rose is not a happy young woman; she is closed off and angry and she hates her job. But her life changes drastically when she inherits her father’s bakery in a small town in Brittany. Returning to a place that brought her both joy and grief forces her to confront painful memories of her past and find the courage to open her heart to a new, happier life that awaits her if she will just let it. A story about new beginnings, filled with small town charm, delicious pastries and the warmth of home and friends.

Going into this I thought this was going to be a cute story about a woman inheriting her father’s bakery and while it was that, it was so much more. There is a ton of depth to what Rose goes through during the story and what she realizes about her past and present. It’s really a story of her evolving and finding herself, as well as discovering what her place in life in and what makes her truly happy.

At first I was a little worried that the subtle color palette and art style, but it fit the story and setting perfectly. It made the small village come to life and the characters were so whimsical. Each of them had individual identities that complimented each other.

Overall it was a beautiful story and I truly enjoyed reading it. Happy reading!

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