2019 Year End Wrap Up

I was very interested in doing the math and figuring out some of my stats for 2019. Thankfully the reading journal I kept really helped me in figuring out these stats, so let’s get into it.

In 2019 I read a total of 301 books. Now, this was amazing, but I need to add a caveat that a large reason I was able to read this many books is because I’m able to listen to audiobooks at work. If I was not able to do this I would not be able to get any where close to this number.

I do have a break down of how many per month, you can definitely see where I had reading slumps:

January: 50
February: 37
March: 20
April: 25
May: 14
June: 28
July: 42
August: 29
September: 13
October: 14
November: 11
December: 18

This year I also kept track how many books I was bringing in, how many were review books/backlist/etc. and how many I unhauled. This was because I had a goal for myself to read more than I brought in as well as tackle some of my backlist titles.

I added 151 physical books to my library this year. This is a large number, but I’m happy that it is about half when compared to how much I read. Of the books I read, 61 of them were physical books that I was able to move off my TBR and four of those I unhauled (not a ton, but it means I really enjoyed most of them).

I read a total of 49 review books this year, mostly from NetGalley and authors that reached out to me. I’m hoping to up my game even more in 2020.

I did the math and overall I read an average of approximately 166 pages per day. I think this is a great number and would like to keep this level or increase it.

All in all I was really happy with the way 2019 worked out and my fingers are crossed that 2020 is just as good or better.

Happy reading!

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