Review: The Mythics: Heroes Reborn

In the ancient times of Gods and heroes, evil attempted to seize the world disguising themselves as six different gods. While they were spreading all their power of destruction, six heroes, each with extraordinary powers and brandishing sacred weapons, rose against these incarnations of evil. The evil was defeated and sealed in a secret place within the red desert on the planet Mars …Today, enter six young heirs: Yuko of Japan, Parvati of India, Amir of Egypt, Abigail of Germany, Miguel of Mexico, and Neo of Greece suddenly pulled from their everyday lives. About to face the greatest threat that the contemporary world has ever known, in a flash, they get to discover just how worthy successors they may be of the ancient heroes. 

I loved the premise of this one, it was very reminiscent of other things I love. It includes a few tales of children/teens who are descendants of great warriors/gods having to take up the mantle to defeat evil. I really enjoyed the settings and story of each character as well as the challenges that they faced but it kind of seemed disjointed as a whole. I did kindof wish there had been a prologue of sorts that set up the premise, since you pretty much just jump in with no set up. The art style and stories themselves were great, I just feel something to truly connect them would have made it so much better – so I’m hoping that there are issues/volumes in the future that do connect them.

The Mythics comes out on March 24th from Papercutz, so if it sounds like something you would like be sure to pick up a copy!

Happy reading!

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