Review: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles

The life of Henrietta Achilles is about to change. After years of living as an orphan, she receives a summons to the strange town of Malrenard. To her surprise, she’s the only living relative of Ornun Zol–a notorious wizard, now deceased, who leaves Henrietta with his house and everything in it.

With Ornun Zol gone, escaped creatures and misfired curses have been spilling out into Malrenard. If that’s not enough, Henrietta will discover countless squabbling squatters inside her uncle’s abode: soldiers, bandits, tiny monsters, and more. Then there’s the matter of the strange black cat following Henrietta around . . . 

The premise of this graphic novel sounded both hilarious and intriguing, so I had to check it out. Poor Henrietta is thrown into the thick of things right away and what a roller coaster ride it ends up being. This graphic novel is a great first volume and I was actually bummed when I reached the end because I wanted more.

The characters shown so far are quite a mix of personalities and I’m sure will factor in importantly as the series goes on. It’s definitely a compelling story that makes you wonder what is coming next and seems like it will be quite an adventure for Henrietta.

Happy reading!

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