Clearing the Hoard: Update and Month 3

This challenge was created by Caffeinated Fae in an effort to reduce the number of physically owned but unread books in her collection. Make sure to head over to her post (linked above) to check it out.

Another month has already gone by! In total this past month I read six physical books, though one of them wasn’t on my TBR shelf (The Forever House) as it was a re-read. I did finally get to The Cheerleaders, but alas I didn’t love it so it will be going to my local bookstore so someone else can love it. The rest of them have been moved to my read shelves.

As for this coming month, I do have a couple physical ARCs to get to, but I’ll also be trying to tackle a few more physical books on my TBR shelf. I am still making my way through Robots vs. Fairies one story at a time, and currently have the audiobooks for the following books:

-The Devouring Grey
-Trail of Lightning
-When the Moon Was Ours
-Night Music

Fingers crossed that I get to them this month, if not I’ll probably keep moving them forward until I do!

What are you hoping to get off your TBR shelves?

Happy reading!

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