Review: Lost Beast, Found Friend

Keelee is a brave, young girl who discovers a purple, fuzzy, funny beast! Together the two must make their way across this fantastic land to return Beast to his home. This is a touching tale of friendship and fun that children will want to revisit again and again. The children’s book is the debut of painter Nick Kennedy and comics writer Josh Trujillo (Dodge City). Lost Beast, Found Friend transports readers to a lush, tropical world, and Kennedy’s unique style gives Keelee and her new friend a vivid fantasy world to play in. This book will stick with readers of all ages long after story-time is over. Lost Beast, Found Friend is a charming and vibrant adventure story for the explorer in all of us!

This is an adorable little children’s book that is a quick and colorful story about friendship. I absolutely loved it even though it is short and sweet. Not only is it a story about friendship, but has a touch about not judging based on appearances and found friends/family. The artwork is fun, colorful and dynamic.

This is a great story for children, especially those that may feel different or want to understand about making friends. It has a very sweet message as well as some humor.

Lost Beast, Found Friend comes out June 9th from Oni Press, so be sure to pick up a copy for your little ones!

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