Discussion | Audiobooks: High Speed?

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I’m all for audiobooks and love using them to up my numbers and chip away at my backlist, but as of late there’s a lot of opinions cropping up about them. There’s always been people who take issue with whether or not listening to audiobooks is reading or not, but now the issue of speed has come up.

It’s been alarming, to be honest, seeing comments on people’s videos and posts that chide people for listening to audiobooks at more than 1x speed. There’s a lot of negativity and honestly hate, towards those of us that listen at faster speeds, saying there’s no way we could comprehend it, or that we’re not listening at all.

This, my friends, is not true. Now, not every audiobook can be listened to at faster speeds and not everyone can handle listening to them at faster speeds, it’s going to vary by person and/or by narrator. It’s true that some people can’t listen at fast speeds, everyone’s ears and brain are different and there’s nothing wrong with that. People shouldn’t be shamed for only listening at 1x and people shouldn’t be yelled at for listening at 3x. I often listen to audiobooks anywhere from 2.5-3x, but there have been some where I can’t because of the narrator. Each book is different and each person is different.

Honestly, I think the debating and shaming should stop – we’re all reading and enjoying books, why does it matter how we consume them?

So what do you think?

Happy reading!

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