Review | Fangs

A new gothic romance story from the creator of the enormously popular Sarah’s Scribbles comics.

Vamp is three hundred years old but in all that time, she has never met her match. This all changes one night in a bar when she meets a charming werewolf. FANGS chronicles the humor, sweetness, and awkwardness of meeting someone perfectly suited to you but also vastly different.

As soon as I heard Sarah Anderson was coming out with something new I wanted to get my hands on it. Fangs is her typical short comic format, but this time we’re following a vampire and werewolf as they begin and grow their relationship. Many of the comics had the perfect combination of humor and heartfelt sentiments as they navigate their life together. There were as many moments that made me laugh as there were moments that made me say “awwwwww” This is a great addition to her collection of works and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Happy reading!

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