Review | Dead Dudes by Christopher Sebela

Trev, Kent, and Brian are allegedly friends, but are best known as the backbiting hosts of the popular ghost hunting show, Ghost Bros. With ratings falling and competition rising, they gamble it all on the Chernobyl of haunted locations: Edgeway Penitentiary.

Armed only with a bag of cameras, some sick tattoos and absolutely zero scientific knowledge, the Ghostbros find conclusive proof of the afterlife at Edgeway… After they die and come back as ghosts themselves, trapped there with the angry ghosts who killed them!

A year later, as film crews arrive for an anniversary memorial special hosted by their most hated rivals, the Ghostbros have to be the best DEAD DUDES they can be, in order to prove to the world that ghosts exist (Oh yeah—and to save the living from a ghostly armageddon, but whatever).

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I won’t lie, I’ve been guilty of watching some of the various paranormal ghost hunting shows – so when I saw the premise of this one I had to pick it up. I immediately enjoyed the cheeky fun that was poked at some of the current and past shows, as well as the shenanigans that follows when the Ghost Bros find themselves on the other side of the veil. This story is full of humor, fun capers and a hilarious battle at the end.

Happy reading!

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