Review | Crema by Johnnie Christmas

Esme, a barista, feels invisible, like a ghost…. Also, when Esme drinks too much coffee she actually sees ghosts. Yara, the elegant heir to a coffee plantation, is always seen, but only has eyes for Esme.

Their world is turned upside down when the strange ghost of an old-world nobleman begs Esme to take his letter from NYC to a haunted coffee farm in Brazil, to reunite him with his lost love of a century ago. Bringing sinister tidings of unrequited love.

#1 New York Times Best-Selling cartoonist Johnnie Christmas (writer) and Prism Award Nominee Dante L. (artist) bring you a haunted tale of love, ghosts and coffee beans.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

In this story we follow Esme who can see ghosts when she drinks caffeine, she has one ghost in particular that she regularly communicates with, but other than that her life is consumed with her job at a coffee shop. We don’t get a ton of information on Esme in the beginning, just a few tidbits, but it does build from there once she meets Yara and goes on a journey to find love as well as discover the truth about some characters they meet along the way. I definitely enjoyed the story itself, but it left me wanting more. I wanted more backstory and foundation on some of the characters. Overall it was a fun read and told a good story.

Happy reading!

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