Review | The Sacrifice of Darkness by Roxane Gay

A tragic event forever bathes the world in darkness. Follow a woman and a man’s powerful journey through this new landscape as they discover love, family and the true light in a world seemingly robbed of any. As they challenge the world’s notions of identity, guilt and survival, they find that no matter the darkness, there remain sources of hope that can pierce the veil.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

On the surface this is a touching story about families and rising above through adversity, but really it is so much more. There is a lot of discussion about class, specifically the disparity between the working class and the wealthy, and how the working class can often be dehumanized. I loved the story as it progressed and how it told two timelines involving some of the same members of one family. The art style and colors used perfectly portrayed the world and it was easy to see the difference between the timelines because of the differing color schemes.

Happy reading!

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