NaNoWriMo | Finding Time

We’re three days into NaNo, how is everyone doing? I’m somehow on target (though I haven’t yet started my writing for today) fingers crossed it stays that way.

I know that a big question I’ve seen floating around is “How do you find time?” It’s a good question for sure and it’s something that can be hard. I have a full time day job, plus keeping up with cooking, housework, time with my significant other and of course must find time to read as well!

Carving out specific writing time is something you have to do consciously. Unfortunately, when you have so many obligations it has to be done. I go to bed a few hours later than my significant other, so that is definitely time that is being earmarked for writing.

I also try/plan to do more than the daily average on my days off, to make up for those work days that I don’t quite hit it. As long as I write something every day, I will consider that a good step.

Current word total: 3400 words.

Happy writing, everyone!

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