Review | Martian Ghost Centaur by Mat Heagerty

The town of Southborough used to be a major tourism destination, drawing folks from all over in the hopes they’d spot the famous Sasquatch, reportedly seen in the town many times over the years. But it’s been ages since anyone’s spotted the ‘squatch, and tourism is starting to dry up. A tech company called (a start-up that helps people start their own start-ups) decides to begin buying up places all over town in order to build their techie headquarters, driving out all the local townspeople. Luckily, Southborough is also home to Louie O’Connor, firm believer in the Sasquatch’s existence and all-around, mega ’squatch fan.

When Louie’s dads’ restaurant, Squatch Burger, starts to go under and fall prey to the techie start-up, Louie and her best friend Felix decide they’ll do whatever it takes to save the town from losing all the people and places that make it special. In hopes that convincing people the Sasquatch is real and to drive back tourism, Louie and Felix plan an elaborate hoax in hopes of saving the town from the dot-com takeover. But when Felix starts talking about leaving their hometown for college in LA, Louie will have to face some tough questions about herself, her future career, and her place in her beloved hometown.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Just the premise of this one sounded fun to me, so I knew I wanted to pick it up. We follow Louie who is trying to save her town after the tourism market seems to dry up. Woven into the story is also her going through that period of late teens where she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do and what comes after high school. It has a diverse and unique cast of characters and Louie is quite a character herself, but I was surprised when I discovered she was 17 as she does read a tad younger. There were times that her reactions were a little more adolescent than her age, but those were minor things. It’s a fun adventure of one girl trying to save her town from being bought up and renovated and all the different things she tries on the way there.

Happy reading!

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