Review | The Little Witch by M. Rickert

A strange dark fantasy about an elderly woman visited every Halloween by a trick or treating child dressed as a witch. Over time, they development a tenuous relationship.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What drew me to this short story initially was the cover. I immediately loved the imagery and the fall feel of it, and this feeling translated into the story itself. One thing I really enjoyed was the way each season and the passing of it was described as we followed the main character through those seasons. I just found myself wishing for a little more detail about the world and the rules of it a bit more, like I wanted just a little more world building. It did serve as a good vignette into this world, but it was a little too spare on certain aspects so it did leave me wanting more explanations.

Still it was an enjoyable read and I did really like the writing style. It’s a great short bite for a fall story with a slightly creepy tone.

Happy reading!

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