Wrap Up | February 2021

Hey everyone! It’s that time of month again and once again I’m going to just do bullet point updates since that is what feels comfortable for me right now. If you want to see all the books I read and my ratings on books that I read that I don’t necessarily cover on the blog – you are more than welcome to add me as a friend or follow me over on Goodreads. There are some books that I don’t always write up full reviews for, but I always rate them over there.

February was weird for me, I was very much in a semi-reading slump, mostly because I wasn’t feeling well. There were lots of naps and taking it easy when I wasn’t working. This is something that is just normal when it comes to my auto-immune conditions and while I don’t love it, it’s something I have to recognize and listen to or I will make myself sick.

  • For my TBR game I read three of the six books I had selected. I did recently finish a fourth one from January’s list since I was in the middle of it when the month changed. I did not tackle any of my carry over books from previous months. February was a bit of a slumpy month for me.
  • I didn’t pick up any Nancy Drew books, so I didn’t advance any farther on that.
  • I did read another volume of Fruits Basket and completed Locke and Key so I did make progress there.

I didn’t really have a favorite book last month, though the last volume of Locke and Key did get five stars from me. I felt it was a really strong conclusion (even though I already knew what happened) and I’m glad I finally finished the series in its original material.

Happy reading!

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