Review | Clarity and Connection by Yung Pueblo

In Clarity and Connection, Yung Pueblo explores how intense emotions accumulate in our subconscious and condition us to act and react the ways we do. With his distinctive voice, at once spare and evocative, the author guides us through the excavation and release of the past that is required for growth. On the topic of intimate relationships, he reflects:

find a partner who accepts you as you are but also inspires you to evolve because they take their own growth seriously. love will not seek to change you. it will embrace you so unconditionally that you will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new. the courage you both have to stay committed to the inner journey will reflect brightly on your relationship.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a poetry collection that you will have to take your time with and sit with. A lot of it is discussing rising from trauma, healthy and toxic friendships/relationships and being able to grow from your past. Many of the messages do seem to be the same sentiments repeated, so many of the shorter passages could easily be used as mantras. There’s a good mix of prose like writing as well as modern poetry. The overall messages in this collection are useful and beneficial.

Happy reading!

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