April TBR | Reading Plans

Well everyone, here we are again. It’s almost the beginning of April, so it was time for Rich and I to sit down and do my monthly card picks for what I would like to get to in April. The last couple months haven’t exactly been wins for my card picks in terms of getting through the books, but I’m keeping anything I don’t read out so I can pick it up if I have time. That being said I have just been super busy, and with Camp NaNoWriMo happening in April I don’t know how much free time I will have. We’re just going to have to see how it goes.

So let’s get into what cards I pulled for April:

9 of Diamonds – Fantasy
4 of Clubs – Mystery
5 of Diamonds – YA
6 of Hearts – Random Kindle
3 of Spades – Anthologies
7 of Diamonds – Rich Pick

For the first one I decided to pick up a fantasy from an indie author that I’ve been wanting to read, so I picked The Falling. For mystery I’m stretching it a bit by picking The Hollow Places as it’s not technically a mystery, but I checked Goodreads and say that people had shelved it as a mystery, so I’m counting it.

For the YA pick I decided to pull from my TBR cart which has some of the books I really want to get to on it, so I pulled Rules For Vanishing because it’s high time I got to it. Next was the random kindle pick, which I’m going to select Poems for the End of the World for. Picking an anthology wasn’t hard since I have a stack of them, so I pulled Hungry Hearts.

By this time Rich was disappointed that I hadn’t pulled a face card yet, so he was happy to see that I drew a card for Rich Pick. He also stuck to my TBR cart even though I told him he could also peruse the TBR shelves, but he pulled Greek Myths since he knew I really wanted to get to that one.

So that’s what the cards determined for this month! We’ll see how well I do. I’m hoping I’ll get to most of them as well as maybe getting to some of my carry overs from past months.

Happy reading!

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