Birthday Month Giveaway!

Hey everyone! It’s my birthday month in April and I feel like sharing some love. I know a lot of us are still doing our best to weather the ongoing pandemic (I know my second birthday where I don’t get to really see people is not going to fun) but we have to keep going and keep doing what needs to be done. Since it is my birthday month I want to share some of the fun with some of you!

So here are the details, one person will win a book of their choice up to $15 from Book Depository (or Amazon if the winner is in the US). This is available internationally as long as book depository ships to you. For the blog giveaway there are a number of ways to enter, for which I’ve set up a rafflecopter.

Click Here to Enter!

Now for the twitter part – I’m holding a second giveaway (for the same prize) on twitter! You can enter both giveaways, but there will be two separate winners. You can enter the twitter giveaway by retweeting the giveaway tweet AND following me on twitter (if you already follow that counts of course).

Both giveaways will end on 4/9 and I will contact the winners at that point.

Thanks so much and happy reading!

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