Review | Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter

In the wake of a tragedy,

the Tactical Crime Division is the first call.

When ironclad body armor inexplicably fails and soldiers perish, the Tactical Crime Division jumps into action. Agent and former ranger Davis Rogers asks to go undercover to find the traitor responsible for the death of one of his friends, and Petrov Armor CEO Leila Petrov is happy to provide access to her company…especially once she discovers she’s being framed. But will their joint efforts be enough to uncover the truth?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Having never read anything by Elizabeth Heiter I was interested in seeing what her writing style was like since the premise of this book (and the Tactical Crime Division series itself) interested me. I really enjoyed the pacing and the fact that while there was romance it was definitely not the main focus of the story. There were definitely some complex emotions wrapped up in these characters and I was kept guessing until it was revealed who was really causing problems with the body armor. If you want a read that is chock full of suspense and will keep you guessing with every page turn, this would definitely fit that bill.

Happy reading!

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