Review | Lightfall: The Girl & the Galdurian by Tim Probert

Deep in the heart of the planet Irpa stands the Salty Pig’s House of Tonics & Tinctures, home of the wise Pig Wizard and his adopted granddaughter, Bea. As keepers of the Endless Flame, they live a quiet and peaceful life, crafting medicines and potions for the people of their once-prosperous world.

All that changes one day when, while walking through the woods, Bea meets Cad, a member of the Galdurians, an ancient race thought to be long-extinct. Cad believes that if anyone can help him find his missing people, it’s the Pig Wizard.

But when the two arrive home, the Pig Wizard is nowhere to be found—all that’s left is the Jar of Endless Flame and a mysterious note. Fearing for the Pig Wizard’s safety, Bea and Cad set out across Irpa to find him, while danger fights its way out of the shadows and into the light.

Will these two unexpected friends find the beloved Pig Wizard and prevent eternal darkness from blanketing their world? Or has Irpa truly seen its last sunrise?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I had heard great things about this graphic novel, so I had to pick it up. The first thing that got me was the fact that the art style is so whimsical and colorful, it really sucks you into the world. Also, I LOVED the way Bea’s anxiety was portrayed, both in her explaining what she was feeling as well as the graphic representation. As someone who deals with pretty bad anxiety a lot of the time, it was such a perfect portrayal. I’m kind of sad that there’s no expected release date yet for the 2nd installment as by the end of it I was so invested in the story, characters and where their quest would take them.

Happy reading!

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