Writing Update | 5/22

Hey everyone! I figured I should check in regarding my writing because it had been a bit of time. I have not really been making much writing progress in any of my projects – and I’m not super upset about it. It’s not that I’ve fallen out of wanting to write them, my brain has just needed a bit of a break. I’ve been catching up on some of the things I really needed to get read, been spending more time with my partner and dealing with the ever expanding stress of my day job.

And that’s totally ok. Yes, a part of my mind is always spinning on my characters and their lives, but sometimes I just need to set it aside and recharge (or deal with other things). It usually results in a burst of writing when I do return to it, so it’s not a bad thing.

I’m thinking I may continue this break until the next session of Camp Nano comes around so I can hopefully hit the ground running with that. We shall see how things pan out.

How’s everyone else’s writing going?

Happy writing!

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