Wrap Up | July 2021

Hey everyone! I don’t know what was going on with me in July, but it wasn’t really reading that much. I read 15 books total, but wanted to do way more. So far August is going relatively well, so fingers crossed on that front. Let’s get to what happened in July.

  • I made progress on the Buffy reboot, I’d say I’m about 2/3 of the way through the Buffy/Angel comics currently out.
  • I completed one TBR challenge book…but that’s it.
  • No progress on the existing series during July.

Like I said, it was a weird Month. I can’t tell you how many books got added to my library because I was so out of sorts that I forgot to put it in my journal. I think with the way things have been worsening pandemic wise in my neck of the woods, as well as some stressful stuff at my day job I just didn’t have the time to read, plus I think I had a reading slump going on.

Here’s to August going better!

Happy reading!

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