Review | Haunted Charleston by by Ed Macy & Geordie Buxton

On the historic streets of Charleston, where true life is stranger than fiction, narrators Ed Macy and Geordie Buxton leave embellishment by the wayside to let these stories–in ghastly and sometimes dreadful detail–tell themselves. Combing through the oft-forgotten enclaves of the Holy City, Macy and Buxton bring readers face to face with a group of orphans who haunt a College of Charleston dorm, a Citadel cadet who haunts a local hotel and the specter of William Drayton at Drayton Hall Plantation, to name just a few. Based on historic events and specific details that are often lost in most ghost stories, this collection of haunting tales sparks curiosity about what figure might still be lurking in the alleyways of Charleston’s storied streets.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love a good collection about ghost stories, especially when they center on a certain location or region. I’ve been to Charleston and loved the time I spent in it, so I was especially excited to see stories about the original Citadel, since I’ve stayed in the hotel it’s become. The stories were well researched and I felt there was a good balance of history with the experiences that people have had. The writing style was really easy to read and flew by with each story. I also really liked how focused on a few specific locations the book was as it was able to dive fully into their history.

Happy reading!

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