Review | Haunted New Orleans by Troy Taylor

Explore the dark and mysterious past of New Orleans with this riveting collection of tales that devle into the most haunted city in America.

New Orleans–the Big Easy, the birthplace of jazz, home of Cafe du Monde and what some call the most haunted city in America. Beneath the indulgence and revelry of the Crescent City lies a long history of the dark and mysterious. From the famous “Queen of Voodoo,” Marie Laveau, who is said to haunt the site of her grave, to the wicked LaLauries, whose true natures were hidden behind elegance and the trappings of high society, New Orleans is filled with spirits of all kinds. Some of the ghosts in these stories have sordid and scandalous histories, while others are friendly specters who simply can’t leave their beloved city behind. Join supernatural historian Troy Taylor as he takes readers beyond the French Quarter and shows a side of New Orleans never seen.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This was another great entry in the Haunted America series, but I think my experience was lowered a bit since I listen to the author’s podcast and had already listened to the season on New Orleans – so I was familiar with a number of the stories included in this book. The stories are still extremely well researched and written in a way that they flow well. With Troy Taylor’s books you get a lot of history as well as information about the specific hauntings reported. I liked that there were some chapters that included smaller snippets about multiple locations, but also chapters that are devoted to a single location that has more gruesome and more in depth historical information.

Happy reading!

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