Review | Crystal Cadets by Anne Toole

Cadets Go! Join this team of darkness-fighting, world-saving, power-packed teen girls from all over the world on their first adventure!

Zoe has always felt out of place; her foster parents are great and all, but she’s long felt like something was missing. That is, of course, until she discovers a mysterious gem left to her by her birth mother and her whole universe gets flipped around! When the crystal grants Zoe mysterious powers of light she becomes the Diamond Cadet, and she’s not the only one; suddenly she’s meeting new friends who shoot flames and glowing green arrows. It’s all fun at first, but when The Darkness possesses Zoe’s foster parents her only choice is to join this wild group of action-hero girls, traveling the globe to defeat The Darkness and find a cure!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I found this one when browsing the selection of items in Comixology and upon Katie O’Neill was the illustrator I had to pick it up. This was such a fun read, following a group of girls as they locate more of the Cadets and work to banish ‘the darkness’ from the world, while accepting that it will never truly be gone. They definitely had Sailor Moon vibes in some ways, but with a fun spin of added mythological companions and modern settings. There’s some squabbling within the group of girls which sometimes seem natural, but other times a little extreme. The art style is bright and fun, which perfectly fit the characters and theme of the story. It looks like there won’t be any more to this series, but it did end in such a way that it would be easy to see further issues/volumes.

Happy reading!

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