Writing Update | December 2021

Hey everyone! So as much as I’d like to forget that we just got through November, I sadly can’t. I was ready for NaNoWriMo this year, but the month had different plans. As you may know, I had a hard November, including the loss of a family member, so my head wasn’t really in the right headspace for writing. It started well enough, but after the first week or so things went downhill.

Sometimes these things happen and it seems this year just wasn’t the best writing year for me, capped off with not completing Nano. It’s ok, and I’ll definitely try again next year, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little upset at the way my November went.

I’m trying to get back on track now, after the difficulties of the last month, so hopefully I’ll have more to report in the future about my writing endeavors and process.

How did everyone else’s NaNoWriMos go? Happy writing!

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