Review | What’s Your Sign?: A Guide to Astrology for the Cosmically Curious by Sanctuary Astrology

You don’t have to be famous to dance with the stars—you just need a healthy dose of cosmic curiosity. Explore astrology and dive deep into your birth chart with Sanctuary, featuring insights from the interactive app that go way beyond your horoscope.

What’s your sign? It’s not just a pickup line anymore, it’s a whole way of looking at the world. With the explosion of astrology into popular consciousness, anyone can access the deeper meaning of the cosmos and delve into the unique and personalized insights of their birth chart. This book guides beginners and enthusiasts alike through the signs, planets, and basics of astrology, helping you understand why not every Leo is the same, and why you might be reading their horoscope wrong. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at identifying the paths to love, money, and magic that the stars hold for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I feel like interest in astrology has gained a renewed interest in previous years, so something like this book – a digestible guide regarding not only the different signs and their characteristics but all of the components that go into your birth chart. It is obvious because of references within the book that the author’s have an app and suggest trying it out, but not to a point where it felt like they were pushing. This book was written in a easy to understand way and would be a great resource for anyone wanting to dip their toes into astrology and lean more.

Happy reading!

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