Review | Breakable Things by Katie Wismer

Our lives are made up of delicate, fragile pieces. Time, memories, ever-changing versions of ourselves.
Things so easy to break. To waste. To lose.

Breakable Things is an open letter to the small, sometimes seemingly insignificant pieces of our lives that oftentimes turn out to be what’s most important in the end.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having read all of Katie Wismer’s poetry collections I would definitely say that there is a progression from the first to this one and this one is by far her best in my opinion. All of them deal with different stages in life, or different situations. While all of them have resonated with me, this one was the easiest for me to identify with. The different sections of the collection tied together well, while obviously being different stages of not only life, but a transition and adjustment to changes in life.

Happy reading!

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