Review | Aggretsuko: Down the Rabbithole

Aggretsuko stars in this fairy tale tinged story about work, life, and the need for balance!

When Retsuko attempts to go on vacation with Gori and Washimi, she’s pulled into a terrible world where she’s forced to work for her freedom. Featuring all of the fan favorite characters from the office in twisted versions of themselves, Aggretsuko must navigate the twists and turns of a world gone mad!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’ve really enjoyed reading other volumes of the Aggretsuko and this one was no different. All of the familiar characters were involved in Aggretsuko’s trip through wonderland as she struggled with the complexities of work/life balance. The art style is consistent with the other issues/volumes and well saturated with bright colors. This was a quick and humorous read, perfect for any fan of Aggretsuko.

Happy reading!

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