Review | Hello, Goodbye by Kate Stollenwreck

Fifteen-year-old Hailey Rogers is sure her summer is ruined when her parents force her to spend a few days a week helping her grandmother, Gigi. Although she only lives across town, she never sees her grandmother and knows little about her. But Gigi is full of surprises–and family secrets. Throw in the gorgeous boy down the street, and Hailey’s ruined summer might just be the best of her life.

Then tragedy strikes, lies are uncovered, and Hailey’s life suddenly falls apart. After unearthing clues in an old letter written by her great-grandfather, she takes off on a road trip to solve the family mystery with the only person she can trust. In a forgotten Texas town, the past and the present collide–and Hailey is forced to choose what she truly values in life.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As someone who had good relationships with my grandparents I was very drawn to this story about Hailey who has to spend the summer with her grandmother.

I really enjoyed the relationship between the two as they got to really know each other and bond. I really enjoyed the shift as they ventured to unravel the mystery and learn about what happened in the past. The adventure elements were fun and the journey truly showed how Hailey was growing and coming into her own as she was tested by the secrets she discovered.

I don’t want to say too much more since this story is worth finding things out as you read, but definitely keep in mind that there are some heavier topics discussed as tragedy does strike within the book. Though it’s expected, it still was upsetting and sudden. It emotionally pivots the story and really impacts Hailey throughout the rest of the book.

All in all I really enjoyed this coming of age story and would definitely recommend it.

Happy reading!

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