Review: Haphaven by Norm Harper

haphavenWhen I initially read the description of Haphaven I was intrigued. Haphaven is a graphic novel by Norm Harper and illustrated by Louie Joyce that follows a young teen named Alex as she goes on a quest to save her mother. She has to use all of the superstitions she has learned throughout her life to aid her in a magical world called Haphaven.

I really enjoyed the story in this graphic novel and was surprised by it. It had depth to it that was well developed. The layers to the story lined up beautifully and you find yourself going on this journey with Alex, understanding her hurts and her thoughts. The backstory that was created explained her motivation as well as her character and why she believes the things she does.

Overall this was a really fun story that was full of laughs as well as a daring adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think anyone who likes stories with fantastical elements would also enjoy it.

Haphaven comes out on March 19th from Lion Forge.  Be sure to check it out if it sounds like something you would like.

Happy Reading!

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