Review: Nanami vol 1 by Eric Corbeyran & Amélie Sarn

nanamiNanami is a story about a teenager who seems adrift in her life, who is dealing with a number of different issues that a teenager would (and often do) deal with. It isn’t hugely apparent just what factors are contributing to her listlessness (there are small signs, but no clear situations presented as to the original cause). One day she finds a strange book and decides to return it, which kicks off her journey.

I love the colors and art style used in this comic. They are really dynamic and quickly draw in the reader. The different scenes and locations are easily discerned. I applaud the artist in creating individuals and settings that will stand out. The concept also sounded amazing when I first heard about it, it definitely had Neverending Story vibes.

My only real issue with this is that I wish more attention was paid to the backstory. Why is Nanami struggling so much? Why does she only have one friend (who honestly doesn’t seem like the best of friends to me, but she tries)? I’m assuming and hoping that this is expanded upon in future issues/volumes, which I would definitely check out.

If you’re looking for a graphic novel that has portal fantasy and Neverending Story vibes, then check this one out! It comes out today, April 17th, in the United States from Europe Comics.

Happy Reading!

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