#Bookblogtober Day 1: October TBR

I saw a few other blogs with posts about Blogtober and was intrigued, so I decided to look into it. From what I can tell it was created by Jenniely with prompts for every day of October, day 1 being posting your October TBR. This prompt is a little challenging for me simply because I tend to be a mood reader. I can have the best intentions and plans and almost always end up veering off of them. So for the most part this post will be about what I would like to get to rather than a set TBR.

Dead Voices and Tunnel of Bones are both sequels that I want to get to since I loved the 1st books in the series. The other books in the stack are mostly what I’m hoping will be spooky reads perfect for the Halloween Season. Wilder Girls is going to be a group read in the TBR and Beyond Group so I will definitely be getting to that one. I may also be getting an audiobook of Swipe Right For Murder for a group read as well, but it will depend on if my hold comes in on time. I currently have audiobooks out from my library for The Girl Who Drank the Moon and Hunted, so those will definitely be getting read.

The only other title I know for sure I will be reading is The Girl From the Well for the Dragons and Tea Book Club. Other than that I’m sure I will be reading plenty of other things on my kindle and via audiobook, as well as reading any ARCs or books from authors I have.

I guess we’ll just wait and see how many I manage to accomplish. Happy reading!

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