#Bookblogtober Day 4: Cozy Places to Read

Everyone knows that where you read can dramatically affect your reading experience and everyone has different preferences regarding what is comfortable.

Earlier this year I was able to get my dream couch, which has a chaise. I have it set up so that the chaise is near my sliding glass door, so when I stretch out to read I can open the door to let fresh air in. I almost always also have a quilt and some ambient noise going to set the scene.

When I’m not on the couch I can usually be found reading in bed or at my desk, but I definitely get my best reading done while curled up on my couch. I would love to someday have a house where I had a comfy window seat to stretch out in, or something outside that was cabana like.

Overall as long as I am comfortable, have hydration and little distractions I am happy.

So where do you read? Do you have dedicated furniture or a favorite spot?

Happy reading!

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