Nanowrimo 2019: Prep

It’s almost that time again! I both look forward and sometimes dread Nanowrimo coming back around. I’ve definitely learned from last year in that I will not be working on a story that I’ve already started, once again I will be starting something fresh and new.

I know the question of outlining and preparing vs. just pantsing it is always asked. I typically do not outline; however, I do plan a little bit. I tend to do some rough character profiles, figure out major plot points and roughly map out at least the beginning. I have a notebook devoted to this that lives in my everyday bag so if I get an idea I can jot it down quickly. While I may write down the bones of a scene, it is not pre-writing at all as it’s not much more than quick notes.

This year is also going to be a little bit tricky since November is going to be a little busier than usual. Not only am I going to be working my day job, but I’m going to the Portland Book Festival in the beginning of the month which will likely affect my writing for a few days due to traveling and the excitement of it all. My hope is that I’ll get ahead on my word goal so I won’t be too upset if I don’t write a ton while I’m gone (though I will be writing something because you know I’m getting the badge for writing everyday).

The only other thing I’ve done to prepare is make sure that those in my life who would expect to hear from me know that I may be less available during the month of November. Yes, this is a real thing. My boyfriend lets me know when he has a game expansion coming out, I let him know when Nanowrimo is happening.

I’m excited about the new story I’ll be writing and for completing Nanowrimo three years in a row. Who else is doing Nanowrimo this year?

Happy reading (and writing)!

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