Bookblogtober Day 21: Review Formats

I’m going to switch up from the standard prompts today, since I don’t have a ton of reviews yet from this month. I am trying to get better at reviewing backlist titles fully when I read them, but the last couple months have been pretty slumpy.

Since I don’t have much of a list of review posts available for this month, I thought I’d explore the different formats of reviews that I’ve seen. When I review on Goodreads, I usually do something that is conversational, though I will include things like trigger warnings if I feel they are important to anyone thinking about picking up a book. Other than that I don’t include a bunch of stats in my reviews.

Some things I have seen in reviews include a format similar to pros and cons, bullet points, specific content and trigger warnings and even buzzwords. Some people also insert gifs into their reviews to better communicate how they are feeling regarding the books they are reading.

I like to keep my reviews pretty simple and as I said, conversational, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. What do you like to see in reviews? Do you love when there are bullet points or do you like something that is more written out. What are your thoughts on content warnings? Do you feel like they are spoilers and shouldn’t be included, or important?

Happy reading!

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