Review: Your Heart is the Sea

Let poetry help you examine the depths of your wounds. Let it remind you that no matter how deep it goes, you will be able to heal it because you have been able to heal every single wound inflicted on your heart and soul before. Let these words show you that you will be able to find the light at the end of the wound because you have always found your way before.

By now I’ve discovered that I’m just going to love everything Nikita Gill writes. I’m pretty sure this is the last of her collections that I hadn’t read it and again, I loved it.

The way she weaves topics such as assault, abuse, depression and more into things like mythology and stories is just beautiful. Her writing is both powerful and lyrical, with emphasis in the best places. For someone who doesn’t always love modern poetry, hers is the stuff I love.

She truly takes on hard hitting subjects head on, whether from personal experience or not, and makes each poem relateable to people who have gone through similar experiences. I can’t say enough good things about her poems, just make sure to go into them knowing that they will tug at the heart and sometimes physically hurt after reading.

Happy reading!

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