Review: Killer Domes and the Chosen One

As the old world burned, the elite departed to colonise space in search of a new home. Most of the human species perished on earth’s surface, but a protected few remained. Many generations passed without question, but now suspicions are starting to rise.

Follow the story of Maz and her best friend Hap, as a chance encounter with a stranger lures them into a mission to decide the future of humankind.

Killer Domes and the Chosen One is not your typical start to a sci-fi adventure. In this world the Elites have left behind some people on earth, but left them within domes to protect them from the world as it burned. We primarily follow Maz, who prides herself on excelling and gaining status in the dome.

The world building itself as well as the descriptions of how things worked within the dome provided for a very strong beginning and a good foundation for the continuing story. While things seem pretty perfect and without conflict at first, this soon changes and we go on a twisting adventure that is full of surprises.

If you want a quick adventure that will make you want to continue on in the series be sure to check it out. Starting today (December 24th) this book is available for free on Kindle, but make sure to grab it as this deal only lasts three days!

Happy reading!

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