Review: a fire like you

A fierce and lyrical collection of poetry celebrating the moments of triumph and beauty in our lives, as well as the moments of despair—recasting them as opportunities for growth.

In this never-before-published collection, poet Upile Chisala grapples with themes of love, loss, and desire. Throughout this third book, she explores her identity as a black Malawian woman, offering intimate reflections on her life and experiences, imparting a stirring, universal message of empowerment and self-love.

Anyone who reads my reviews knows that modern poetry can be hit or miss with me but as of late I’ve been really enjoying the titles I’ve been picking up. Though this collection did contain some of the super short poems that I don’t really love in modern poetry, the language and message make up for my dislike of that format (plus there aren’t a ton of super short ones, just a few).

Chisala’s use of language and imagery is truly beautiful and her journey through this collection feels cathartic in a lot of ways. She details not only her struggles, but struggles and feelings that are experienced by a number of people in their lives, which make many of the poems very relateable.

Happy reading!

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