Review: Infinite Possibilities

The New York Times bestselling author, teacher, and speaker provides the next step beyond his immensely popular Notes from the Universe trilogy with this special 10th anniversary edition of the modern classic that contains even more enriching wisdom for living an abundant, joyous life.

We create our own reality, our own fate, and our own luck. We are all filled with infinite possibilities, and it’s time to explore how powerful we truly are. With clear-eyed and masterful prose, Infinite Possibilities effortlessly reveals our true spiritual nature and exactly what it takes to find true happiness and fulfillment. Witty and intelligent, this is “the perfect book at the perfect time. It is full of wisdom, answers, and guidance—a unique combination that is guaranteed to help anyone during times of change and transition” (Ariane de Bonvoisin, bestselling author of The First 30 Days). This tenth anniversary edition features a new foreword by Bob Proctor and a new introduction from the author.

This book is written wonderfully, I felt that it was such an easy read that flowed like a conversation. If I had to compare it to something I would say it reads like a TED talk, which is understandable considering Dooley has taught his methods.

While I didn’t necessarily agree with the whole of Dooley’s perspectives, the book is full of good advice and a perspective that I think would be valuable to anyone looking to improve themselves or their life. There’s a lot of discussion regarding intention, how positivity and negativity can affect you, etc. Pretty much anything could take something from this book and find it useful.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read that I’m glad I was able to take the time to read. It’s got a lot of great points and even if you don’t agree with everything there are a number of things that could be helpful.

Thank you to Beyond Words for sending me a copy of this book for review, it is out now. Happy reading!

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